Club Membership

1. What is Angsana Vacation Club (ANVC)?

Angsana Vacation Club is an innovative vacation Programme that allows Member families to own, rather than rent, future vacations in destinations throughout South East Asia and beyond, including exciting, exotic locations in many parts of the world. It is a new venture by Laguna Resorts and hotels public company limited, the developer of the renowned Laguna Phuket master-planned  mixed-use resort.

Angsana Vacation Club (ANVC) The Angsana Vacation Club is an exclusive membership offer which allows its members annual use rights at any global destination under the Angsana Vacation Club Collection. This includes an exquisitely-curated collection of Angsana Vacation Club’s own villas and suites as well as its associate accommodations at Angsana resorts, Cassia service apartments and Banyan Tree resorts. With Angsana continually expanding its portfolio of luxury villas and suites in stunning locations, our Members wide range of destination will expand year after year.

2. Who manages ANVC?

ANVC is managed by Laguna Resorts & Hotels Pcl., which was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1993 and has gained a reputation as a responsible developer whose interests combine hotels and real estate with an emphasis on quality and environmental protection.

ANVC provides Members with travel experiences that are consistent with its brand philosophy—holiday that last for a lifetime. Leveraging on the complementary product offerings that range from resorts, hotels, spas, galleries to golf courses, ANVC delivers multi-faceted and destination-specific experiences that are of exceptional standard and quality.

3. What are the key benefits of an ANVC Points Membership?

Acquiring Points in ANVC not only gives you the opportunity to own your future holidays, but also opens the door to a whole new holiday lifestyle for you and your family. Whatever the destination, every getaway offers you the chance to relax, reconnect and create precious holiday memories.

Rather than having to rent your future holidays, by using your Club Points, you can stay in high quality ANVC Accommodations, providing you with substantial savings by locking in your future holiday accommodation costs at today’s values, which means you don’t need to worry about future inflation.

A Member’s points replenish every year throughout the duration of the Membership. Members can also accelerate point usage by borrowing from the following year’s points entitlement, so as to provide additional flexibility in usage. The number of points needed for the Club’s various accommodations depends on the location, accommodation size, and the season in which you wish to take your vacation. The value of a Member’s points will not change during the life of the membership.

Your Membership card confers several privileges such as preferential reservation discounts at luxurious Angsana and Banyan Tree Group Hotels & Resorts located in many sought-after locations around the globe. You can also enjoy Club Member concessions on spa treatments, and food and beverages at participating Angsana and Banyan Tree Hotel & Resort properties.

4. How does the Club work?

Members of the Club receive an annual allocation of Points, the Club’s currency, which can be redeemed for stays at:

Club Resorts – The number of Club Properties will expand with the Club’s Membership numbers; the Club’s trust arrangement ensures that there will always be sufficient Club accommodations to underpin the Points actually issued.

Club Connections – comprising other participating resort accommodations under the expanding Angsana Resort and Banyan Tree brands in respect of which you can use your points to reserve stays

Bonus Break Accommodations – Last minute deals at attractive discount prices available only to Members for stays at Club Resorts.
Exchange Affiliate accommodation – Interval International provides over 2,900 affiliated resort options in many of the world’s most desirable resort destinations where you can use your Club Points in order to exchange to.

5. What types of Accommodation does ANVC own within the Club Resorts?

The Club owns varied types of quality accommodation which cater for different numbers of guests from One-bedroom suites that sleep 2, to Two-bedroom suites that sleep 4. The maximum capacity in One-bedroom or Two-bedroom Units varies in each location. ANVC accommodation is maintained to high standards; the Club also maintains capital reserves for periodic refurbishment, replacement and major repairs.

New ANVC Members work with our Sales Executives to decide the number of points they are most likely to use each year, depending on the size of their family, the time of year they enjoy traveling
on holiday and where they like to go.

6. What are the current and future Club Resorts?

Members have access not only to any of the existing properties within ANVC Club Resorts, but also to all new properties that may become part of the Club in the future. Present inventory comprises the following:

Location Brand Room Type No. Bedroom Maximum Capacity Room size
Phuket/Thailand Angsana Loft 1 2 88 sqm
Angsana Loft 2 4 139 sqm
Cassia Suite 1 2 52 sqm
Cassia Suite 2 4 86 sqm
HOMM Suites Laguna Suite 1 4 78 sqm
HOMM Suites Laguna Suite 2 6 113 sqm
Bintan/Indonesia Cassia Suite 1 2 41 sqm

Note: Breakfast is not included.

7. What are the amenities and Membership privileges?

Club Members have access to the facilities of the specific resort in which they are staying. Facilities and amenities vary in each resort, it usually includes spas, swimming pool, specialty restaurants, gym, and recreation facilities. Golf course is available in Laguna Phuket, Bintan and Lang co. Members will hold a Membership card which entitles them to concessions for spa and facial treatments, gallery products, golf rounds, food & beverage discounts, and additional stays at the resorts.

Club Resorts

We offer an inspiring array of villas, suites and vacation residences that distinguishes Angsana Vacation Club from the others.

Club Connections

As varied and appealing as our Club Resort locations are, we know that there is a whole world of discovery awaiting you.